Are Your Crypto Coins Safe Enough?

Are Your Crypto Coins Safe Enough


Human beings always dream of effortless earnings. When he sees an opportunity to achieve this, he dives into unfamiliar waters without thinking about it. It recently happened in Turkey as it is evidence of crypto currency market. Thodex’s boss disappeared with investors’ money. This market does not yet have legislation, no control, no credibility and no claim. What the investor had to do was download their digital wallet and request the passwords of the cryptocurrencies they received from the exchange and keep the cryptocurrencies in this wallet. Unfortunately, as I said before, those who try to swim in unfamiliar waters or even dive into these waters without even knowing to swim seem to have left their money to the initiatives of the managers of these exchanges. I told you to download cryptocurrencies to these wallets that should be done here, I think many exchanges will not give these passwords if they are requested, because perhaps most of them do not even have as much crypto money as they claim. That is, it will be for thousands of small investors who invest all their assets in money invested in something that is not there and in earnings never owned.

Block chain constitutes the infrastructure of the future money system. But there is still time for this. Each time a new technology arrives, until the financial market is in place, coyotes descend on the market and fall on their innocent prey. Now that we are entering the biggest financial crisis of the world step by step, the citizens who are trying to protect the value of their money in the face of the unlimited coins and the country currencies that have lost their value, have started to fall into these traps. Gold and silver have always been the strongest value preservation tools. Rowing in volatile markets with speculative effects is not for everyone.

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