Technology is always created to serve the mind of its manufacturer. At this point, it is necessary to be careful and use it to our real benefit. While doing this, it should not be overlooked that technology can serve different ideologies and plans in the hands of different minds. For example, splitting the atom into its nuclei is a technological breakthrough, and while there are many useful things that can be done from it, some minds make bombs from it and threaten humanity. Blockchain is also one of the most important inventions of our day. It seems that it will also play an important role in building the future. At this point, what role it will play depends on which minds will be used. Blockchain is an invention that will bring innovation to our lives in many economic and technological aspects. It is necessary to look at its effects not only in economic and technological aspects but also in sociological aspects as an integral part of them.

Blockchain is a common registry. Its lack of central structure makes it think that it is reliable. Blockchain is like a structure that can even change the management style. One of the most important factors that make the bond between the state and the citizen strong is the official money printed by the state. Crypto currencies driven using blockchain will be able to break this link. This, too, is something to be desired. I think that as this technology matures over time, nation states will try to make this technology more controllable by intervening. I have a lot to write about blockchain, wait for the next issues …

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