Blockchain is not just an infrastructure for digital currencies, it is a revolutionary invention that can bring economic and political freedoms into our lives

Blockchain is not just an infrastructure for digital currencies

We started hearing about blockchain with bitcoin. What is blockchain actually? Blockchain is like a global open ledger. It is used not only in the production of cryptocurrencies, but also in many different areas such as storage, management and storage. We can say that blockchain technology will be at the heart of the fourth industrial … Read more

Importance of analysis of Food Prices and Market Timing in forecasting market trend and street events

Food Prices and Market Timing

We witness that street events flare up from time to time around the world. Is it possible to predict these events in advance? For example, were the popular uprisings called the Arab Spring predictable? Besides, is the analysis of the market timing indicator developed by Morgan Stanley sufficient to follow the market closely and act … Read more

How does the money economy affect the family structure?

How does the money economy affect the family structure

With the centralization of population, production and therefore job opportunities, the urban life has come to a point that threatens human health, which has caused health services to be large and centralized. While all kinds of centralization reduced productivity over time, it slowed down the fast pace of work and made bureaucracy chronic. To give … Read more

Can decisions taken by the Basel Committee increase the gold and bitcoin prices? Will the dollar continue to depreciate against these two values?

Can decisions taken

The BIS, the Bank for International Settlements, acts as the checkpoint for today’s unlimited money-based system. It was founded in 1930 in Basel, Switzerland. It is the central bank of central banks. One of the formations within this bank is the Basel committee. The task of the Basel committee (Read “Basel 3 and Gold”) is … Read more

Partial Reserve Monetary System


  Money is created in two basic ways today. The first is cash (fiat / fiat currency) in paper and metal form issued by Central Banks, and the other is loans (debt) created by commercial banks depending on the partial reserve system. Here, we’ll talk about partial reserve banking. It would be descriptive and useful … Read more