What Do You Say To Cool Down With High Inflation In The Summer Heat?

High Inflation


The coins minted to stimulate the market will return as high inflation in the near future. By the middle of this year, many countries, including developed countries, will face high inflation. In the figure, we see the course of inflation in Europe between 2011-2021. We see the effect of the economies closing in March 2020 on the decrease in prices. During this period, the demand also decreased substantially. Following the gradual opening of the currencies and economies printed by countries throughout the year, price increases also started. For example, in the UK, the inflation rate based on consumer price indices is expected to increase in the coming months. Some of the reasons for this are the ever-increasing energy bills and rising oil prices. Inflation expectation in the United States has increased by 0.1% since February to 3.2%.

High Inflation


According to OECD data, inflation rates in G-20 countries are expected to increase towards the end of 2021, while it is predicted to increase further in 2022 (https://data.oecd.org/price/inflation-forecast.htm).

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